SQLTreeo SSMS addin issues


Get help soon with SSMS Addin issues.

In some cases a user might experience problems with their SSMS Add-in. After upgrading to a new version or a new installation.
Our customer service will help users with issues to their best abilities.

What kind of issues I report to Servicedesk?

Any kind: bugs , installation errors, functionality quirks. Also new wishes can be reported to the servicedesk.
If something is not working as it was build for, our team will help.

How do I report an issue?

Contact the servicedesk. Either via the homepage or via mail (servicedesk@sqltreeo.com).

In the contact request give as much information:

  • Registered user account/license key (if possible)
  • SQLTreeo version
  • SSMS version/edition
  • Describe the issue that your are experiencing as detailed as possible
  • Provide screenshots/recordings
  • How to produce the error
  • SQLTreeo log files

With this information the servicedesk can help you. The more information the shortener the time needed.

Support availability

SQLTreeo support is available 24x7x365. You can submit an request anytime and it will usually be replied the same day in a matter of hours.

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