Moving SQLTreeo Add-in to a new workstation


SQLTreeo SSMS Add-in version 0.8.4 or higher.


SQLTreeo is limited per workstation. Once a license key is activated it cannot be activated again on another workstation.

Moving SQLTreeo Add-in to a new workstation

Before you switch to a new workstation or reinstall it there are certain steps you need to take. This assures that SQLTreeo can be used on a new workstation.

  • Verify if your  SQLTreeo is activated.

Check this in the SSMS GUI–> Tools –> SQLTreeo –> License

once you verified the license key is activated. Press the Deactivate button whereafter you will be prompted to confirm your deactivation

After the confirmation you need to restart your SSMS to take effect.

Now your SQLTreeo license key is deactivated.

Re-activating  SQLTreeo

To re-active SQLTreeo again on your new workstation you need to install the program again.

Follow this link:

After succesfull installation, open SSMS. You will be notified that SQLTreeo is not licensed.

Open tools–>SQLTreeo–>License and enter your license key

Restart your SSMS for your product to be activated.


The process of deactivating SQLTreeo on your current workstation and re-activating it takes a small amount of time +/- 5 minutes

Extra information

The de-activation and re-activation for both the online and Offline activation are the same, all licenses must be de-activated first and re-activated according to the steps explained in activating SQLTreeo online/offline.

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