Search Dashboard

Search Dashboard


The Search Dashboard is the gateway from where you search for information about your environment. it is a narrowing search filter to narrow your search results on the right part of your screen. You can click on any search result item to open the detail screen.


Search Dashboard



Is the type of search. Alarms is default.


The period in which you want to search.


Search in the last 43200 minutes (720 hours/30 days). It is equal to Last 30 days.

for alarms the creation datetime (UTC) of that alarm is evaluated.

Last 5 minutes

Search in the last 5 minutes.

Last 10 minutes

Search in the last 10 minutes.

Last 30 minutes

Search in the last 30 minutes.

Last 1 hour

Search in the last 60 minutes.

Last 24 hours

Search in the last 1440 minutes.

Last 7 days

Search in the last 10080 minutes.

Last 30 days

Search in the last 43200 minutes (720 hours/30 days). It is equal to All.



Search for items that have a Failed / Succeeded / Clear / Canceled status.


Search items that have a Failed status.

Succeeded / Clear

Search items that have the succeeded / Clear status.


Search items that have the Canceled status.



Search in the scope of all Servers


Search only within the scope of this specific <Server>.


The items that contains this text will be filtered. It is not case-sensitive.

e.g. diskspace, failed, c:\, <job name>, <server name>

Save this search criteria as

Any value entered here will be the name under which the above filter criteria will be saved.

When you enter an existing name of a previous saved search criteria, that will be overwritten.

Saved Search Criteria

A list of previously saved search criteria.


Action button to perform the search.

The search is automatically performed when you choose or change one of the following options:

Show, Timeframe, Condition, Server.

Basically the Filter is only necessary when you enter or change the contains or Save this search criteria as.

Best Practices


When you open the Search Dashboard the screen is automatically listing the most recent 5 Alarms for All conditions on All servers ordered by the newest alarms first.



You belong to a usergroup that has the assigned right. Click here to see the available rights.


1. Search for diskspace alarms on a specific server for the last 24 hours

Search Dashboard Example

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