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SQLTreeo Add-In


Plugin for SQL Server Management Studio



Applies to SQLTreeo Add-In version 0.8.7 or higher.



Informational guide on how to use the SQLTreeo Add-In.


Reading time

+/- 10 minutes


Minimum OS requirements


To use the SQLTreeo Add-in the following criteria must be met:

  • Minimum .Net version: .Net 4.0.
  • Minimum Windows version: Windows XP with additionally installed .Net 4.0.
  • Minimum Windows version with pre-installed .Net 4.0: Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 (all editions).




SQLTreeo Add-in allows users to create customized folders in the object tree of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

The Add-in has multiple functionalities as listed below:

  • Create static folder
  • Create dynamic folder
  • Compare objects
  • Quick filter
  • Object information
  • Collapse all
  • Manage folders




SQLTreeo Add-in comes in the following license forms and extensions:


SQLTreeo month license

SQLTreeo year license

SQLTreeo lifetime license

SQLTreeo Compare module (separate from above license forms)

During the trial period, the compare module is enabled.


Licenses can be activated in SSMS –> Tools –> SQLTreeo

The compare module is activated automatically on purchase, when more then 1 license is purchased together with a Compare module you can contact the SQLTreeo Servicedesk

to have the compare module activated on your preferred license.



SQL Server version/


2008 2008R2 2012 2014 2016 2017 2018             2019
Static folder x x x x x x x                   x
Dynamic folder x x x                   x
Compare x x x                   x
Quick filter x x x                   x
Object information x x x x x x x                   x
Collapse/script/manage x x x x x x x                   x


SQL Server Management Studio – Object tree


SQLTreeo add-in is build in the various objects in which users can create customized tables/view object information/compare information.

Listed below the Objects in which the different functionalities and features of the Add-in are applicable:

Object/Function Static folder Dynamic folder Compare Quick filter
Databases x x x X
Tables x x x X
Views x x x X
Stored procedures x x x x
Table-valued Functions x x x x
Scalar-valued Functions x x x X
Agent jobs x x x X


The availability of the above features depends on the SQL Server version used. Older versions of SQL Server do not support all features such as SQL Server Agent jobs/Dynamic folders.


Quick filter


The Quick Filter is a function that filters database objects such as tables based on the input value. The Quick filter is much like the standard SSMS filter function.


By entering a value in the “click here to filter” folder it will immediately start to filter any objects that fulfill the value condition, allowing for fast searching the required objects.

The filter does not change the order of existing objects but simply presents them underneath the folder expansion.

The Quick Filter function is available in several tree objects as shown in SQL Server Management Studio – Object tree.


Storage options

Navigating to SSMS –> Tools –> SQLTreeo opens the software interface in which you can adjust several configurations such as folder storage options.

The following storage options are available:

  • Database storage ( this will store folder information in the local database where the folder is created )
  • File Storage ( this will store the folder structure in the specified file path )

there is no impact on any functionality between the 2 options.

Static folders

Static folders are folders that can be customized by the user and hold database objects of the menu it is created in.

Static folders cannot be created inside System databases.

By right-clicking on an object tree component a menu will be opened with an option to create a “New Folder..”

this will create a new customizable folder which can be renamed to your preference.

The folder can be renamed in any language.

The folder can be filled by dragging the database objects into the folder(note that only objects retained in the expanded menu can be placed in the folder, e.g. a folder created in tables menu cannot contain stored procedures or views).

Another option is to right-click the folder and select “Manage folder” to open the folder interface in which you can quickly select multiple tables to be placed in the folder at once.

Once objects are placed in the folder it can be expanded to show the content inside.

In case the folder is created and no objects are placed inside the folder it will disappear upon a refresh of the sub-menu or higher.

Created folders are registered inside the database in which it is created the information is visible in the extended properties of the database when database storage is selected.


Dynamic folders

Dynamic folders can be given certain criteria to group all objects that meet the value condition.

By right-clicking and selecting “Create dynamic folder” a menu will open where you can name the folder and insert the condition value, upon creating it will automatically group all objects that meet the condition.

Dynamic folders cannot be created in the system databases

Selecting the properties of the folder opens the interface in which you can adjust the value condition and folder name.



The SQLTreeo Add-in comes with an additional module that allows users to compare objects of the same server or different server.

detailed information on how to configure the Compare function can be found in this article:

SSMS ADDIN Compare Module – How it Works 

The compare module is a seperate feature of the SQLTreeo Add-in and is only included during trial period or when purchased seperately.





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