SQLTreeo Monitoring Agent v1.2.14

SQLTreeo Monitoring Agent has been upgraded from v1.2.13 to v1.2.14.






Information gateway between SQL Server and Cloud environment

1-Reads monitor meta data from the cloud (http://monitoring.sqltreeo.com).

2-Connects to SQL Servers found in meta data and retrieve metrics.

3-Send metric data back to the cloud

Changed Functionality

1. Time format logfile

The datetime format registered in the logfile (%applicationfolder%\SQLTreeoMonitor.log) is changed to 24 hour format (“dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss”)

Reason For Change

The Time format was a 12 hour clock (“dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm:ss”) which is not according to standards of logging.

2. Time in logfile displayed in UTC

The datetime format registered in the logfile (%applicationfolder%\SQLTreeoMonitor.log) is changed to UTC.

Reason For Change

We are converting all times in the monitoring tool to UTC time.

3. Machine name of  computer where SQLTreeo Monitoring is running from

The machine name (Netbios name) of the machine where SQLTreeo Monitoring is running from is registered and dynamically changed in the cloud.

Reason For Change

In case you run SQLTreeo Monitoring in a high availability mode (For example: Windows Clustering) it reflects the node where it is running from.

Required Actions

A new SQLTreeo Monitoring Agent release has been released. Download and (install / overwrite the existing installation). Click here for instructions.

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