Threshold SQLTreeo Servers

A new threshold group “SQLTreeo Servers” has been created.


This will become visible in version v1.0.0.212




Trigger an action when a server

1-becomes unavailable

2-becomes available after being unavailable

3-is unavailable for a certain period of time (reminder)

Changed Functionality

The threshold is replacing the usergroup “Notifications and Emails” configuration.

Reason For Change

Thresholds is the new detection system for detecting and informing anomalies. Usergroup “Notifications and Emails” is a legacy system for doing the same. Cleaning up this legacy is the reason.

Required Actions

On 1st of July 2017 “Notifications and Emails” configuration for SQL Server will be discontinued.

Before 1st of July 2017 the following user actions are required:

  • Create 1 or more thresholds to substitute the usergroup “Notifications and Emails” configuration for SQL Server.
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