Which types of Dashboards does SQLTreeo Monitoring provide?

SQLTreeo has several types of dashboards which are specific in its purpose. The dashboards are topic related.

  • Server dashboard, which show the status of your server. In case something is wrong it will be displayed as such (green/orange/red) and it will give you the indication for why your server is in that state.
  • Jobs dashboards provide all the information you need for checking history execution, run times, status, disabled, retrying and such.
  • Backups dashboards gives insight in server backups per database. It shows – in a very short time – the status of your backup plans, failed, outdated backups, logs not created, and you can easily filter out the root cause of failures and create backups to fix it.
  • Alerting dashboards
  • Reporting dashboards
  • Replication dashboards